Lizzo: “Cuz I love you”

This Detroit-born flute-handling singer-songwriter and her major-label debut "Cuz I love you" cuzed a little stir in the music industry due to the loud, body-positive image and often genreless (technically confusing?) tunes. Her newest album is full of musical influences, energetic beats and obviously confident phrases - sung, rapped, yelled... The record opens with a … Continue reading Lizzo: “Cuz I love you”

What’s going to happen to Karl Lagerfeld’s cat?

Source: Getty Images/ P. Kovarik The passing of Karl Lagerfeld has left everyone interested in high fashion shocked. "What's gonna happen to Chanel and Fendi?" - people are asking on social media. There is no doubt that Lagerfeld changed the world of fashion, introducing some of the most controversial ideas at the same time staying loyal … Continue reading What’s going to happen to Karl Lagerfeld’s cat?