Quarantine playlist: my favourite songs of 2020 so far

It's unbelievable what this coronavirus has done to all of us. We're stuck at home, bombarded by videos of Instagram models working out in their apartments, teaching us how to use pots and pans to increase the effectiveness of push-ups. Stars like Miley Cyrus or Charli XCX do Instagram story live streams daily, interviewing each … Continue reading Quarantine playlist: my favourite songs of 2020 so far

Madonna “Madame X” – Review

Madame X is a dog's dinner, but delicious! Annoyingly, Madonna somehow managed to become a joke, at least within my circle of friends. That is not because of her age as many would assume, but her rather desperate efforts to follow the trends and appear "on top of the music world". The last few albums … Continue reading Madonna “Madame X” – Review

A few words about Eurovision 2019

We all know what Eurovision is like - sparkly, camp, colourful, over the top competition in which European countries(well, mostly) compete with each other to win the crystal trophy, which gives the winner nothing but fame. The extravagant contest is responsible for introducing some really good recording artists to the general public (us!), whether it's … Continue reading A few words about Eurovision 2019

Lizzo: “Cuz I love you”

This Detroit-born flute-handling singer-songwriter and her major-label debut "Cuz I love you" cuzed a little stir in the music industry due to the loud, body-positive image and often genreless (technically confusing?) tunes. Her newest album is full of musical influences, energetic beats and obviously confident phrases - sung, rapped, yelled... The record opens with a … Continue reading Lizzo: “Cuz I love you”