The worst songs I heard in 2019

Coldplay – Everyday Life I try not to listen to Coldplay. Despite hating when people divide artists’ discographies into “good old” and “crappy new” stuff, I have to admit that Coldplay should have ended at its peak with Mylo Xyloto and the viral single Paradise. Or maybe even earlier, sometime around “Fix You”, which is … Continue reading The worst songs I heard in 2019

Madonna “Madame X” – Review

Madame X is a dog's dinner, but delicious! Annoyingly, Madonna somehow managed to become a joke, at least within my circle of friends. That is not because of her age as many would assume, but her rather desperate efforts to follow the trends and appear "on top of the music world". The last few albums … Continue reading Madonna “Madame X” – Review

A few words about Eurovision 2019

We all know what Eurovision is like - sparkly, camp, colourful, over the top competition in which European countries(well, mostly) compete with each other to win the crystal trophy, which gives the winner nothing but fame. The extravagant contest is responsible for introducing some really good recording artists to the general public (us!), whether it's … Continue reading A few words about Eurovision 2019