5 most annoying fashion pieces

Whilst all the beautiful people I had pleasure to meet back in London are celebrating Pride, posting pictures in denim shorts and tacky tank tops, I sit on my sofa sipping, or rather abusing canned G&T, trying to act like I’m not bothered by half of the UK having fun and probably dancing to Genie In A Bottle while I’m typing this.

I see people flashing their Givenchy during fancy outdoor parties which always leads me to scrolling through high end websites, hoping there will be something I could spend my money on too.

Summer is the best time to show off with designer shit. Underneath the shining sun girls can apply their Chanel make up and wear incredibly expensive machine wash t shirts with brand logos on them. Without heavy overcoats and padded jackets we are finally able to see all the hidden til now accessories and gadgets.

Summer can also often be a comeback time for the most hideous, overused and overhyped pieces. Sometimes you can’t even walk from one shop to another without seeing people wearing those. In my personal opinion, the most annoying things that make my eyeballs burn like Sunday BBQ are:

Bape shorts

Come on mate, it literally looks like you’re trying to eat someone with your dick. I never understood the phenomenon of Bathing Ape as a brand, but this garment in particular wakes up all the mixed emotions in me. It isn’t that popular where I live, thank God, but still pops up regularly on online shopping websites such as Selfridges or Ssense. Let’s keep the Apes in their natural environment…

Old school supreme Gucci belt

Alessandro Michele’s appointment as Gucci’s creative director brought a lot of innovations to the brand. One of products that faced complete makeover was the belt. The new version of it is classy, most often seen as a black or brown leather good with an elegant golden or silver double G buckle. However, the old, tired and tacky version of it, that personally reminds me of men in Hugo Boss trainers and relaxed fit jeans is still available to purchase. It’s one of those accessories men buy just to show off with their money, without any sense of style or interest in fashion. It’s the same with Gucci sneakers. They know the brand’s expensive, and that’s the only reason they buy. It’s sadly just a meme belt nowadays, and I would not wear it even for free.

Converse x Comme Des Garçons trainers

This costing around 100 quid pair of Converse trainers has become almost a piece of cult for hype boys. You know, boys wearing Comme Des Garçons hearts bought at END. (Love the shop, not so keen on the audience), queuing for new Yeezys and walking around town in Palace sweatshirts. At this price, it’s understandable why so many people decide to go for it. It’s still some kind of luxury item, at its lowest, but still is. And it’s the lowest price on the market for a sneaker different than Vans, Adidas, Nike or Reebok. Well, there’s also Axel Arigato. But boys don’t seem to like it, as the hype is not as big…

This hideous Balenciaga bag

If you read my previous post, you know I’m not keen on current Balenciaga. The creative director, Demna Gvasalia, constantly brings all the bad memories and unpleasant aesthetic to the brand. Together with strong and over-the-top branding, Balenciaga does not make me want to spend my pounds and pence at the slightest. Bag presented above look like Tesco’s cheese and ham sandwich, but definitely less tasty and useful.

Dsquared2 icon stuff

How much does it cost to become an icon? Apparently 200 pounds. You don’t have to win a Grammy or Oscar anymore. This collection of garments for males and females includes t shirts, trousers, accessories – everything you could think of. Usually worn by real arseholes with egos bigger than my love for Britney Spears, these clothes give me a migraine every single time.

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